Statistics on software developers, companies by Mid Feb

काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० पुष ४ गते १६:३२ मा प्रकाशित

Kathmandu, Dec. 19: For the first time in Nepal, the National Planning Commission’s Secretariat has enumerated the people and companies developing and selling software in the country.

The statistics to this regard would be made public by mid February, said DR Jishnu Mohan Bhattarai, Director at the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), adding that the data collection has reached final stage. After making public the data on software companies and software developing individuals, they would be obliged to work under the ambit of tax, he added.

The enumeration of the software companies was begun to know the contribution of software companies and developers in the gross domestic product.

With the completion of the enumeration and data processing, the types of the software companies, employment, profit, tax and other issues would be brought to light.

Although some individuals and firms were benefited with the progress in the IT sector, the common people are still unaware of the nature and objectives of the software companies and their responsibility towards the State.

The software is being produced in three ways in Nepal- first by registering a company, second through technologists, and third by hiring Nepali technologists by the foreigners.

The CBS had begun the data collection with its internal mobilization a year back. RSS

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