काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० मंसिर १८ गते ९:४४ मा प्रकाशित

Bardibas, Dec. 3: An HIV-infected person here is involved in a public awareness campaign, searching for a meaning in life.

Jayakishun Saha of Ikarahiya-4 of Mahottari who is now living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) dared to reveal his identity as an HIV-infected, contrary to the general tendency of hiding the disease. Generally, people infected with this virus want to hide the disease, fearing social stigma associated with this.

But, the 35-year-old Saha is geared up in the anti-HIV campaign, talking openly of his health condition. He unknowingly became the HIV victim following a practice of unsafe sex while he had been in India in connection of work some years back.

“I dared to make public my identity as an HIV-infected, hoping that it would help me make my campaign against HIV/AIDS successful,” he said. “I am seeking meaning of the rest of my life through this humanly deed,” he said. He is making the people aware of the compulsory use of contraceptives (condom) during sex to avoid contracting HIV. Saha said in return he is getting cooperation, support and goodwill from the people and confidence to live up happily.

Unsafe sex is considered as the first reason of increasing number of HIV-infected people not only in the district but also in the country and entire world.

In the case of Mahottari, people returned from foreign jobs and sex workers are the most affected, according to the District Health Office.  Of those tested HIV positive so far in the district, 85 people are taking medicines regularly while 55 have gone out of contact and the office is trying to establish contact with them, HIV-AIDS resource person Girendra Jha said.

This year, nine more people have tested HIV positive in the district. According to the office, 12 HIV-AIDS patients have died since 2064 BS in the district and of them, three are third gender. The number of third genders infected with the disease has reached 13. Of the HIV-infected people in the district, three women and 12 men are the patients of tuberculosis.

Saha stressed on the need of effective role of social organisations, local bodies and civil society as well to fight against this serious (often fatal) disease. RSS

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