Chairman Regmi urges all to take part in CA elections

काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० मंसिर २ गते १७:२८ मा प्रकाशित

Kathmandu, Nov. 17: Chairman of the Interim Election Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi has urged the people to cast vote in a fearless manner.

Addressing the nation this evening, Regmi urged the voters to take part in voting process as it was the continuity of the process to institutionalize the political achievements of the past.

Boycotting the election citing theoretical disagreement while continuing action against the peace and security of public places by targeting the public on the other hand was not pardonable at any cost, Regmi said.

During his speech, Regmi also condemned vandalism and torching of  public vehicles, planting bombs in public places to terrorize the public and other inhumane activities carried out by the poll-opposing parties.

Chairman Regmi said, “Not taking part in the CA election is one thing. But, use of violence in politics against the public statement in the name of boycott is disappointing. Outcome of violence is unfortunate whatever the goals are and that’s why it is deplorable as public are the victims.”

Urging the political parties or groups that are continuing activities against the law, Chairman Regmi said the government was efficient to book those exhibiting illegal behavior.

Stating that the voters were ready for voting and the country ready to move ahead in a new political process, Regmi said that attacks on public, planting bombs in public places is an illegal act.

Regmi also expressed confidence that the November 19 CA elections would take the country through the process of political transformation via the people’s elected government.

             Similarly, he urged the concerned sectors to immediately stop all protest programmes of banda and strikes and show political behaviour thereby respecting people’s aspiration.

The government can not brush aside its responsibility when the activities against constitution and laws goes unabated, he said, adding that the government would work effectively for the protection of voters’ human rights as protection to their life, and  properties. The culprits would be taken actions as per the laws.

He expressed confidence that the CA election would open up avenue for constitutional and political outlet to the country with the drafting of new constitution and conclusion of peace process.

Chairman Regmi further said every Nepal’s vote has significant value in this CA election. He urged the people to be confident and fear-free and vote to any party/leader using conscience.

As the government has managed security very well to create free, fair and credible atmosphere for the CA election, the voters need not be perturbed but confident and exercise voting rights which is very valuable.

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