काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० माघ १७ गते १०:२४ मा प्रकाशित

Belauri (Kanchanpur), Jan. 31: Though it may sound strange, an apparently mentally ill man here remains chained for the past 48 years

Malka Badayat of Shreepur VDC-6 in the southern part of district, who is in his seventies now, has been living a chained life since 2022 BS. He has been deprived of treatment and is forced to living a hellish life due to poverty and lack of awareness.

The Badayat family decided put him in chains after he started behaving abnormally.

They have made a hut (which is itself incomplete in structure) for him near the house. The hut cannot shelter Badayat from rain and cold as it is open on all four sides.  He is also used to tolerate the mosquito bites.

Badayat was taken to a local health institute and even to hospital in India for treatment in the initial stages of the illness, according to his niece Rajaram. He was brought home after some improvement following one and half moth long treatment. “But the problem recurred and we could not take him to hospital for further treatment. IRs 48,000 was spent in uncle’s treatment at that time,” he added.

Sometimes Badayat expresses pain and sorrow by crying. Sometimes he digs the earth with the help his nails and at one time even attempted to break the chain, Rajaram said.

Although  married early, he has no children and his spouse, who was caring for her helpless husband since he was put into a chain, left this world around one and half year back. Since then his niece Rajaram is taking care of Badayat.

In the recent days he has lost his appetite, according to his neighbour Ganesh Rana. He said the Badayat family visited local shamans for the treatment of ailing member rather than to a doctor which led to the deterioration of his health.

The Badayat family has urged the media and other organisations to help for his treatment. RSS

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