Chhath festival commences

काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० कार्तिक २० गते ५:०८ मा प्रकाशित

Gaushala, Nov. 6: The greatest festival Chhath observed in Mithilanchal region formally commences today.

The four-day festival commemorating truth, non-violence, healthy living and prosperity is celebrated in different parts of the country including in Mithilanchal strictly in accordance with religious rituals.

On the first day of the festival today, people observing the Chhath fasting observe what is called the naha kha ritual which requires them to take holy dips and partake the allowed food.

The second day of the festival sees the observance of kharna rituals under which the devotees observe fasting the entire day and eat food without salt after offering rice pudding and bread cooked in oil to the Sun god and the family deity in the evening.

The third day sees the devotees making offerings comprising an assortment of cookies, banana, apples and sugarcane placed in clay pots of different sizes and shapes to the setting sun. The offerings are made in the evening at ponds and rivers.

Devotees observe a night-long vigil on the bank of the ponds and rivers on the third day and the next day conclude the Chhath fast by making an offering of auspicious items to the rising sun.

Special platforms and pandals for Chhath worship are being constructed on the bank of rivers, ponds and lakes here in preparation of the festival. RSS

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