Rare species Kandevyakur seems decline in number

काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० पुष ५ गते ४:०६ मा प्रकाशित

Kirtipur, Dec. 20: Kandevyakur, a rare bird species that is only available in Nepal, seems to be disappearing from Dahachowk, a famous habitat of the extinct bird.

Kandevyaklur (Spiny Babbler), which was visible high in the forest of Dahachowk in the western belt of Kathmandu, is rarely seen of late, said locals.

Mostly found in and around Chapagaun Bajrabarahi forest of Lalitpur and Dahachowk forest in western Kathmandu, the disappearing bird species is rarely visible these days, said a local and Chairperson of Dahachowk Ekata Club Roshan Dani.

In 2002, IUCN, an international organization working for the conservation of nature, had also scheduled Kandevyakur as most disappearing bird species.

The growing pollution in Kathmandu and climate change effects are attributing to the steady decline of rarely found species, Kandevyakur, locals argued.

The species was much visible in Dahachowk forest areas till some ten years back and there was increasing flow of experts and researchers to the area to undertake study on the bird, said locals. But now, there seems no one coming to study the decline of the species these days, they said,.

We were proud to have Kandevyakur, rarely found in the world, in Dahachowk but now the gradual decline of the precious species has saddened us much, said Dani.

The locals called for the state and other stakeholders to immediately put strong measures to protect the disappearing bird species. RSS

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