काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० पुष ३ गते ५:१० मा प्रकाशित

Janakpurdham, Dec. 18: The educational performance of public schools based in Dhanusha district is found to be dismal.

It was found in course of monitoring of government schools undertaken by the District Education Office.

Some schools were found shut, a few were open but no teachers present and Principal was only present in some of the schools monitored.

According to District Education Officer Upendra Mandal, the educational status of the public schools monitored was found to be in a poor straits.

Though schools’ attendance sheet shows high number of students, 30 per cent in average were found to be present. The public school teachers were found spending much time in private schools.

Some of the teachers were found to have set up private school nearby public school and some have been serving as Principal in private boarding schools.

There is growing negative impression of public school education in general when teachers were mostly found involved in political activities rather than their duty to teach students.

Some of the schools were also found misusing different government facilities merely by showing maximum number of students.

The government scholarship amount and school reform project fund channelized to schools were also found to be misappropriated.

Despite huge government spending, the outcomes of government schools are not encouraging due to increasing disappointment towards teachers’ performance, said Mandal. RSS

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