One can view mt. Everest from Kathmandu valley itself

काठमाण्डु टुडे २०७० मंसिर २२ गते ७:०४ मा प्रकाशित

Kirtipur, Dec. 7: Tourists have been flocking to Champadevi in the southern part of Kathmandu as it has become an appropriate destination for viewing the Himalayan range including the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest.

Although it was under the shadows in the past, increased number of foreign tourists is visiting it for viewing the peaks after it got publicity gradually.

The 8848 m high Mt. Everest knows as Sagarmatha in Nepal is clearly seen with naked eyes from Champadevi, which is at an altitude of 2,250 m in clear weather and Makalu, Lhakpa Dorje, Guarishankar and other Himalayan peaks can also be seen from one place.

In clear weather, even the Machhapuchhre, the beautiful peak seen from Pokhara is also seen from here and therefore, Champadevi has been developed as a new tourism destination in the Kathmandu valley.

Not only beautiful natural sceneries and peaks are seen from Champadevi hill but one can see sun rise and sun set as well.  Champadevi is in comparatively less height among hills near Kathmandu for observing the whole natural sceneries and not only the view of the Kathmandu valley, the Himalayan range, and sunrise and sunset, and therefore, tourists have been increasing here, said Chairman of the Champadevi Area Improvement and Management Committee, Janak Tamang.

He said the number of tourists have been increasing as they choose it for a short trekking closest from Kathmandu valley for the tourists who come to visit Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur towns.

One can reach Chalnakhel in 15 minutes from   Balkhu at Kathmandu’s Ring Road and then one and half hour walk from Khahare of Chalnakhel to reach Champadevi on foot. The best season for trekking here is November and December when there is good sunshine, say locals.

It has a great attraction as the sun can be seen rising exactly from the top of Mt. Everest each morning during November and December, said Tamang.  Some 40 to 150 foreign tourists arrive here daily.

Champadevi which can be reached from Khahare on the Balkhu-Dakshinkali route, transport is easily available from Balkhu, Hetauda, Kulelkhani and Dakshinkali and tourists have been increasing.

The place is taken as important site in religious point of view and that one can view Kathmandu valley, and various districts including Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Makwanpur.

The Taudaha pond in the foothill of Champadevi is seen quite beautiful from Champadevi hill and clear image of Champadevi is seen in the water from there adding to the tourism attraction here.

There is a religious belief that one’s dreams are fulfilled if one takes a darshan of Champadevi where a special fair takes place in the Baisakh Sanktanti day each year in mid- April, which has highlighted its importance, says a teacher of Champadevi Secondary School, Bosan, Kathmandu, Sharada Bhattarai.

Although there is an open temple between simple walls in Champadevi now, the attraction could increase if a grand temple could be built here, say locals.

As a special fair takes place on Marga Shukla Chaturdashi each year in the Champadevi Pau temple at the base of Champadevi area, it now takes place on first day of the month of Poush (December 16) this year.

Champadevi has various kinds of wildlife including tigers, bears and leopards and rare wild cats including mechi biralo, and ban biralo, malsapro, lokharke, porcupine, and wolves are found here, and is like an open zoo for study of wildlife.

One can feel the closeness to nature because of the chirping of birds like kalij (pheasant) and titra in the Champadevi area.

Other features of the area are rare herbs like chiraito, pakhanbed, ban lasun and other herbs as well as walnut, kafal and lapsi (Nepali hog plum).

Chairman of the Kirtipur Area Tourism Development Society Bijaya Maharjan said although there are enough tourism infrastructure, it was in the shadows for lack of publicity and in the recent times, tourists are gradually increasing because of the increased publicity.

Preparations have been made to run programmes like tourist- targeted trekking, hiking in the area with an objective of highlighting its tourism potential, he said.

In latest times, works of making trekking route has started under the initiative of the Tourism Infrastructure Development Project.

Works of making pavements have been started from Champadevi Pau, from Chalnakhel, Pushpalal Park at Kirtipur and Farping to Champadevi hill and Rs. 17 million has been already allocated for its development for next year, said Chairman Janak Tamang. RSS (Feature Service) (Translated by Tirtha Bhattarai)

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